Tonight is Halloween

by Al Dana (I think)

Ghouls ghosts and goblins

Are coming out tonight

Screaming and screeching

They're such a frightful sight

Fat ones or lean

They're nasty and they're mean

So lock your door

For tonight is Halloween

Spirits are hiding

They seem not to be there

But once you start looking

You find them everywhere

White ones or green

They vanish when they're seen

So lock your door

For tonight is Halloween

Skeletons and monsters

Scary as they seem

Hide beneath your covers

It may be just a dream

Taps on your window

And shadows on your wall

Branches all dance

At the Jack-o-lantern's ball

Oh what a scene

A frightful night to dream

So lock your door

For tonight is Halloween


This song is very obscure.  In 1998, I borrowed a cassette tape from the library entitled Halloween Fun.  It looked kind of juvenile, but I thought I'd take a listen to it anyway.  There were three songs on it that I liked alot:  Scary, Scary Halloween, Tonight Is Halloween, and The Halloween Song.  The Halloween Song was a real has a very sad, nostalgic melody that sometimes even makes me a little teary.
A couple years ago, I decided to make my own Halloween compilation cd with my favorite songs on them.  I looked for the cd of the Halloween Fun album everywhere online and I couldn't find it.  I was very disappointed.
Then one day my sister, who knew nothing of my search, came home from the library and said she had come across a Halloween cd I might enjoy.  Low and behold, it was the Halloween Fun cd!
I added the three songs to my compilation cd, and they've become as much of a Halloween song tradition as the Monster Mash.  

9/2005 - Hmm, I guess I'll leave my little story up, because it shows what a fascinating person I am, right? *crickets chirping*
 Anywho, since I very much doubt a midi will be coming my way anytime soon, I have uploaded a low quality sample wav.
I strongly urge you to buy the cd Halloween Fun if you enjoy this song :)
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