Hello, and welcome to True Ghost Stories.  This page has been created for anyone who has ever seen a ghost. Well, actually it's for more than that. Perhaps you've seen an object move or float by itself. Or maybe you've heard voices or laughter when no one's around. Or maybe you've seen or experienced something that's otherworldly.  Whatever it is, I want to hear it.  I'm not one of those people who need or want a logically explanation.  Send me your *true* supernatural stories.  
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I don't believe in coincidence.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I believe there are many paths, but it's impossible to choose the wrong one.  
I believe that there are more dimensions than what we can prove.  I believe some of us can  and have seen those dimensions.  I believe I am one of those people.

My True Ghost Stories

1)  I was young, and I asked my friends if they saw it and none of them could.  They said I was imagining it.  But I can picture it so clearly.  It was at night, maybe around 8 or 9.  My friends and I were sitting outside deciding what to do.  We started telling ghost stories, but that got old quick so decided on Hide and Seek.  We were sitting in the back of my friend's pickup truck and we were all getting off to go play.  That's when I saw it.  Across the street, there was the tallest tree I had ever seen (it still stands to this day), and beside it was an elderly woman kneeling down.  She was holding something in a blanket.  It was a dog, a German Shepherd to be exact, a dead one.  She was burying it.  The image wasn't very clear...kind of how things look after staring at a light for too long.  I asked my friends if they saw her, and they said they didn't.  Then, after the woman placed the dog in the ground (I suppose through it because there was no hole), she vanished.  I have never seen the woman again, but I have always been curious to dig where she placed the dog.  I know I never will. 

2)  This isn't exactly a ghost story.  It was really just a really weird thing that happened...well at least I think it's weird.  It was several years, and I was sleeping upstairs, while my mom was making phone calls downstairs.  I had a dream that I was walking in my backyard, right outside the kitchen window.  I then woke up and went downstairs.  My mom was in the kitchen.  She hung up and looked at me.  She said, "The weirdest thing just happened.  I was on the phone and I sensed you behind me, so I hung up to see if you wanted me to make you some breakfast.  But when I turned around you weren't there.  I went upstairs and you were sound asleep."  Remembering my dream I said, "That's creepy because I just dreamt that I was walking out back.  Had I really been there, I would have been in your line of vision."  So it was almost like I had an out of body experience or something, and that's when my mom sensed my presence.  We talk about this every so often, and we still think it was really creepy! 

3) Well, yet another strange thing happened to me.  I was sitting at my computer, doing busy work as usual, when I sort of sensed something to my right.  I turned, and a shadowy spirit emerged from the floor and hovered over me.  When it first rose, it looked like the outline of a man in a black, pilgrim-like hat, but then as he grew it turned more into a large looming black shadow.  I closed my eyes quickly, because it scared me so much.  When I re-opened my eyes it was gone.

4) The last house I lived in had a lot of negative energy in it, I believe. The above story happened in that house, but other strange things happened too. Often times at night when I would leave my bedroom, I had the sensation of something on my back, weighing me down. It only happened in the hallway from my bedroom to the kitchen, and I would feel sapped of my energy. Occurrences like these are hard to explain because it's a feeling instead of anything seen.

Another strange thing that happened fairly often was when I would be in bed trying to drift off to sleep, I'd feel a hand gently stroking the top of my head. It would only stop if I intervened and hold my hand on my head. I remember I would try to hold out for as long as possible, just to see if anything else would happen, but frankly, the sensation was a bit maddening and gave me a very unsettling feeling.

5) Although this also happened in the same house, it was a one time occurrence. I was standing in the kitchen with my back to the hallway when I sensed someone behind me. I saw a woman surrounded by a white and almost flame-y glow floating into the hallway from the living room, before disappearing. She looked to be wearing a dress from another time period, perhaps from the Victorian Era. The light was so bright and it made her sort of formless, so I couldn't tell the color or even the style exactly. The moment was very brief but really stands out in my mind.

6) One more very specific occurrence happened in that house. Again, in the middle of the night, I was rinsing a dish at the kitchen sink, when I felt a presence behind me and sort of a whoosh as if someone was running very fast from the hallway. I turned and saw a boy, about 12 or 13, in ragged clothes running like a shot through the dining room to the door that leads the garage. He vanished once he reached it.

I find that time has a way of moving differently when strange apparitions appear. It's over in a flash (in my experience), and yet in another way it feels like time has slowed down. In my memory my experiences seem like they happened in slow motion, as if my brain has slowed them down to better understand them, even though, in reality, each apparition only showed itself for a second or two. It's this altered perception that tells me the difference between something "real" and something that could just be an optical illusion. It's as if the environment and air and everything changes, not just what I'm seeing.

7) This isn't so much a ghost story, but just something that occurred when I was about seven years-old that I always found a bit odd and creepy. I don't know that I believe there was anything supernatural at play, but I thought I'd share it anyway. It was a Thursday night, and I had fallen asleep on the couch. I remember walking out to the kitchen and opening the utensil drawer and reaching for a knife. My mom, fortunately was always a night owl, and stopped me. She said, "What are you doing?" and I replied, "I have to get something." She took me up to bed, and I went back to sleep.

I remembered the incident the next day, only I thought it was a dream I had. I assume I was sleepwalking, though I had never done it before. The next night, the same thing happened, only this time I walked to the front door, unlocked it, and started to turn the knob. Again, my mom stopped me and asked me what I was doing. My reply: "I have to go somewhere." Again, I remembered the incident as if it was a dream. I never sleepwalked again and have no idea why it would happen those two nights in a row. I often wonder though what would've happened had my mom not been there to stop me.

Visitor Submitted Ghost Stories

1) During one of my days off from school , awhile back, I was sitting in my living room watching TV with my cat.Suddenly I heard a loud crash! I went to see what was wrong and saw the picture of my Grandfather, that had passed on, lying on the floor. The carpet in the room where it hung up was very soft. The picture was tiny and made a huge sound and landed on the opposite side of the room. That was about noon, and when my mom came home she told me that around noon my great uncle had passed away in the hospital bed. We think that is very weird what happened, but many other things have happened that scare everyone in the family with the cursed picture. -- Shelby. L . H .

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