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I hope you enjoyed touring Horror Land as much as I enjoyed creating it.  There are a few things I wish to address before you head back to my homepage.

First off, there are some sites I need to thank, for without them, Horror Land wouldn't have been possible (or at least, it wouldn't have been nearly as cool).

Graphics and Sounds came from:

Carla's Halloween Page

Scary Halloween Sounds

Partners In Rhyme

The roller coaster video was made from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3...a great game, with lots of spooky themed stuff!

And the second thing is, Horror Land uses several website tricks in order for it to be scary and completely self-navigating. I paid pretty close attention to detail, and I wanted to point out some things you may have missed.  No, I'm not trying to show off...well, ok, maybe a little, but some of this stuff is fun and spooky, and if you missed it, then you should go back and take a look.  Of course if you aren't interested (perish the thought!), keep scrolling and you'll find your way home.

Stuff You May Have Missed

Horror Land leaves a lot to the imagination and some things may seem strange and not make a lot of sense. If you have any questions, email me at:
If I get enough questions I will create a FAQ which will help future visitors understand the weird occurrences.

And one final thing, the story and concept of Horror Land was created and written by me. Please don't use the story in any form, without prior permission. I doubt anyone will have a desperate need to use it, but you know, I gotta cover my bases.

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