I know when I think of Halloween I think of laughing at corny jokes  :P  
Seriously, this page is for those of you who like Halloween related humor.  Enjoy!  

Okay, these are really corny so I apologize in advance.

What is a ghost's favorite ride? The roller ghoster.

What's a ghost's favorite color? Boo.

What is an Egyptian ghost's favorite person?  Her mummy.

What does a ghost write with? Invisible ink.

What kinds of keys do ghosts use? Spook-keys and skeleton keys.

What is a ghost's favorite painting? The Moan-a Lisa.

What do ghosts fly in?  Scare-planes.

What do ghosts wear in the rain?  Boo-ts

What is a ghost's favorite sandwich?  Boo-loney.

What is a ghost's favorite meal? Ghost beef.

What do ghosts take when they have a cough? Coffin drops.

What do ghosts chew?  Boo-ble gum.

Where do ghosts get their Christmas cards?  At the dead letter office.

What is a witch's favorite time in school? Spell-ing

What is a witch's favorite day of the week? Fright-day

What is a witch's favorite game? Hide and shriek.

What is a witch's favorite drink? Apple spider.

What is a witch's favorite snack? French frights

What is a witch's favorite time to fly at night?  When there is a full moan.

When does a witch know it's time to trick or treat?  She looks at her witch-watch.

Where does a witch go to get a new cat? From a cat-alog.

Why did the witch cry when she lost her cat?  It was a cat-astophe

Why do witches like butterflies?  Because they were once cat-erpillars.

Why do witches like baseball?  Because they can hit with a bat and cat-ch with a cat.

How do witches keep their hair looking ugly?  Scare spray.

What is a werewolf's favorite holiday?  Howl-oween.

How do you keep a werewolf from dying?  Send him to the living room.

What do you call a clean werewolf?  A wash-and-wear wolf.

What is Dracula's favorite holiday? Fangs-giving

What is a vampire's favorite bank?  The blood bank.

Where does Dracula go on Halloween?  The Vampire State Building.

What is a vampire's least favorite food? A steak.

Why did the baby vampire bat wake up screaming?  He had bite-mares.

What did the mother vampire say to her naughty child?  Stop being a pain in the neck!

What music do vampires love?  Bat-hoven.

Who is a Jack-o'-Lantern's best friend? Jill-O' Lantern

Which side of the Jack-o'-Lantern is the orangest?  The outside.

Why was there no food left after the monster's party? Because everybody was a-goblin.

What kind of beans does a monster eat?  Human beans.

When do black cats scratch themselves? When they have w-itches

Where do most cats live? In Connecti-cat.

What kind of tape do you use on Halloween?  Mask-ing tape.

Who goes trick-or-treating at the beach on Halloween? Sand-witches.

What animal plays baseball on Halloween?  a bat.

Why can't skeletons go trick-or-treating?  They have no-body to go with.

Well, that's it for now!  Feel free to send me any Halloween jokes you know or make up!