Guardians At Night

Here are some of my Halloween friends that protect my pages:


This is Percy,
and he is a mischievous little devil.
I'd watch out for him,
because you just don't know what he'll do next.

This is Spooky.
He may not look spooky,
but that's just his cover
so don't mess with him!

[Laura's werewolf]

This is Demitrius.  I adopted him from
Nightlyre's Adopt-A-Haunt program.
He's an attacker and only listens to me,
so keep your distance!

This is Wendy.  She may look
sweet and innocent,
but she's an attacker just like
all of my guardians.

This is Spark and Witchy.
look like tasty little candy corns,
but they might just take
a bite out of you.

This is Boo and Jack.
They are always getting
into trouble together.
I thought they'd be perfect guardians,
just for that reason.

This is Victorie, one of the cruelest vampires there are.  

This is Quinncey.  He's quite a charmer.  
But if I were you I wouldn't let him get too close.  He'll bite your neck the first chance he gets!

This is Raven.  She's a violent little kitty, and she's not declawed!  

This is The Bride Of Frankenstein. She um, well, look at her!  
Would you want to mess with her?!

This is Jewel.  She's one of my younger guardians.
Don't be fooled by her childish ways,
she will still do whatever she can to protect my site.

This jovial little ghost is named Haunt. I have to confess, he isn't protecting my site...he's protecting his lollipop! Don't try to take it, or
you just might lose a hand!

This is Giggles. He's a happy a little clown unless you threaten to abuse my site!


To find out where I got my Guardians from check my credits page:
Ghostly Credits